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Classic Scandinavian Design 


With the right maintenance, our furniture will last for at least 25 years. That is why we always aim for timelessness and simplicity in our design. 


Functionality is another value of ours. For instance, our writing desk, BR 72 (pictured), has a hidden shelf underneath the table top for wire-storage. 

We also happily take off a few centimetres of the depth measurements or place an extra drawer in your furniture. Because we produce by order, you can have any of our models with your precise measurements and the additions you prefer.

Brink Furniture is solid Danish craftsmanship, and our models can be ordered from more than 150 dealers in Denmark, Europe and the United States. 

Read more about our background down below.

Writing desk (BR 72) teak - BRINK MØBLER

Photo: Private,1955. Jakob Brink, founder of Brink Furniture, together with his wife, Karen Brink.  

In 1997, Peter Brink took over the workshop after his father. He served his apprenticeship at Fredericia Furniture and continues to produce our classic Scandinavian design at the same spot in Gelsted, Vestfyn, as always.  

Brink Furniture has made furniture for more than 50 years. We have seen the rise and fall of the tile table. We have seen the most popular kind of wood change from teak to beech and back to teak again.


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More than 60 years in business

Truth be told, cabinet maker Jakob Brink (1930-1999) wanted to be an architect. But such an education was an expensive adventure in the 50s, and Jakob had a family to take care of.  Therefore, when his mother in law presented him with a newspaper clipping of a workshop on sale in Gelsted, Vestfyn, Jakob seized the opportunity. And what a great choice! The production of furniture began in 1961, and during the next few decades it grew larger with sales expanding outside the Danish borders. 

Jakob Brink, founder of Brink Møbler, Gelsted, and his wife Karen Brink.


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