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Søndergade 33

5591 Gelsted 



info @ brinkfurniture.dk

Tlf.: +45 6449 1298


Lamp table (BR 1-3) mahogany - BRINK MØBLER
TV table (BR 211) cherry - BRINK MØBLER
Nest of tables (BR 26) teak - BRINK MØBLER
Writing desk (BR 72) teak - BRINK MØBLER
Lamp tables (BR 33 & BR 34) beech - BRINK MØBLER
Round mirror (BR 600) - BRINK MØBLER
Magazine racks (BR 40A & BR 40) and a tall lamp table (BR 42) - BRINK MØBLER
Coffee table (BR 202) walnut - BRINK MØBLER
TV table (BR 69) and a trolley (BR 59) oak - BRINK MØBLER


customized to your needs

Here at Brink Furniture we believe in flexibility and variation. We appreciate that not a single home is identical. That is why we happily alter the measurements of our models, so you can get a piece of furniture tailored to your home. 

Beech soaped or walnut oiled?​

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